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This is our most popular six week Lifestyle Package, produced for clients who want to look good and be healthier by dropping the excess fat or have reached a plateau with their training for weight loss.



The Health & Wellness Lifestyle Package aims to regain and achieve optimal health and function to help you feel habitually mentally and physically outstanding, regardless of age.

We aim to keep physical health indicators such as body fat, fitness, BP,  cholesterol and glucose levels within normal ranges to help reduce the likelihood of future health issues.

Children Primary 3-11yrs

The New Start Lifestyle Package is for anyone who is starting exercise for the first time or want to restart exercise after a sedentary period.

Even if you have never formally exercised before, it’s never too late to start or to reap the many benefits that exercise provides, especially in this time of lockdown.


New Mum Lifestyle Package is a post natal reconditioning program to help regain fitness and strength lost in pregnancy.

Post pregnancy we can be left with a body that is unrecognisable to us and our energy levels are at an all time low. We can help new mums or mums of young children to get their body back!


Children Secondary 12-16yrs

Partner Lifestyle Package is for clients who wish to have personal training along with another person such as partner, friend or relative. 

Following our program with a partner adds social support giving you both extra motivation and momentum during the program.

Family at a Beach



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