Family Fitness

Get fit and have fun as a family!!!


This exciting new athletic based fitness program for parent and child.


Get fit together while learning the basic skills of athletics

How to run, jump and throw

Fmaily relays and atheltic games


We offer private or weekly group sessions delivered by World Class coaches for the whole family regardless of age or ability.

This is a structured program with a warm up, an athletics event, relays and athletic games. Children will learn how to run, jump and throw. Improving agility, balance, co-ordination and confidence.

Learn athletics skills, get fit and compete against other athletes in this reality class!

Guaranteed fun while receiving an athletics education!


All group classes are delivered via Zoom.

This is free to download and very simple to use. 

All Five Star Athletics classes take place in your home or outside if you have a garden or ourdoor space. All classes are designed to take place even in a small space. 

We chose the medium of Zoom so the class is interactive and children can see each other and their friends. We wanted to add a social element.

The coach can also instruct each child when necessary.

We have a maximum limit on numbers enabling us to deliver high quality sessions. 

Free Session

We offer all families a FREE trial session to give a no-commitment chance to get a real insight into our Family Fitness Classes.

We are sure you will love what we do!



Mondays, 15.00-15.40

Virtual Five Star Athletics 4-7 yrs

Virtual Five Star Athletics 8-11 yrs

Mondays, 16.00-16.40

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