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Lifestyle Package

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“We can now train you anywhere in the world!"

Virtual training has now become more popular as life has expanded online.

People have become more aware of how to use different online mediums and how efficient it can be. 

We can use various mediums for virtual training such as Zoom, Facetime, WhatsApp and Skype. 

Sessions can take place in your home or outdoor area and are designed to take place even in a small space.

No equipment is necessary but we may recommend a few items of equipment such as an exercise mat.


If you've never tried virtual sessions before we can off a no commitment  trial session before you decide on a six week program.

We can now train any one anywhere in the world!

Let us make it simple for you!

Is this for you?

  • I want to train in private  

  • I wish to save time by staying at home 

  • I enjoy home training  

  • I prefer to stay at home  

  • I feel self conscious and not confident about my body.  

Package Includes:

  • Initial health assessment and re-assessments

  • A personalised six week Online Exercise program.

  • Six Week Nutrition Plan

  • Virtual Personal Training Sessions.

  • Weekly 30 minute check in calls (optional)​

  • A World Class Coach for 24/7  support

  • One Free Session voucher for family member or friend.

  • A new you!

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