Children Secondary 12-16yrs

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Children Secondary 12-16yrs

“If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” Albert Einstein

This is our most popular six week Lifestyle Package, produced for clients who want to look good and be healthier by dropping the excess fat or have reached a plateau with their training for weight loss.

We have taken the most effective fat loss exercise and nutritional methods and individually program them to specifically suit you in a way to get maximal results efficiently as possible.


As long as you have a strong enough “why” and are committed to reach your goal, follow the program and push yourself in sessions you will reach your fat loss target and see the results you want and more.


There is so much information and advice out there for weight loss it is mind boggling! We can get overwhelmed and over loaded with false marketing of the latest diets, super foods, exercise trends and gimmicks. It is no wonder people get disheartened and give up.


Let Pure make it simple for you!

Is this for you?

  • My body feels flabby, saggy and out of shape

  • I have a muffin top and bingo wings

  • I feel self conscious and unconfident about my body

  • I'm always on a diet

  • I skip breakfast and don't eat regularly

  • I only do cardio training to lose weight

  • Ive reached a plateau for fat loss

  • Im tired of being overweight!

Package Includes:

  • Initial health assessment and re-assessments

  • A personalised six week Fat Loss Exercise program.

  • 1:2:1 or virtual Personal Training Sessions.

  • Weekly 30 minute check in calls (optional)

  • Pure Fat Loss Nutrition Advice

  • A World Class Coach for 24/7  support

  • One Free Session voucher for family member or friend.

  • A Reduced Fat Body!

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