Family Fitness



A fantastic way to get fit and have fun as a family 

No age limit for children as parent is present.

Relays and team games there is also an educational element to csessions for both parent and child.

Learn basics of athletics, how to run, jump and throw properly.

Only £10 per family 

Book as places limited

For all ages and abilites, Youngest 18mths mixed with primary school childresn, teenagesrs  and parents.

Free trial availbale .

Family fitness sessions are a funathletics based program for parent and child .

Sessions include a warm up, learning athletics events and fitness games.

All basic events such as; how to: run properly, do a sprint start, shot put, standing longjump and other sports hall events 

Is this for you?

  • My body feels flabby, saggy and out of shape

  • I have a muffin top and bingo wings

  • I feel self conscious and unconfident about my body

  • I'm always on a diet

  • I skip breakfast and don't eat regularly

  • I only do cardio training to lose weight

  • Ive reached a plateau for fat loss

  • Im tired of being overweight!

Classes Include:

  • Initial health assessment and re-assessments

  • A personalised six week exercise program.

  • Family 1:2:1 or virtual Personal Training Sessions.​

  • Family Nutrition Advice

  • A World Class Coach for 24/7  support

  • One Free Session voucher for family member or friend.​

Zoom Schedule

Virtual Five Star Athletics 3-7 yrs

Mondays, 15.00-15.40

Virtual Five Star Athletics 8-11 yrs

Mondays, 16.00-16.40

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